Bullet Flash Drive

Bullet Flash Drive

Keep it next to your brass knuckles!

Who said a geek cannot be a badass guy, actually there is not a precise description of what a geek is, we know that is a person with a deep passion on something, and that thing can be anything, said that, check out this pretty cool Bullet Flash Drive, which claims for attention of the badasses geeks out there.

What is more impressive about this little gizmo is his design, a bullet shape covered with a fine and bright metal which makes the Bullet Flash Drive seem a real bullet, principally the golden one, turning him into a very cool keychain for carrying out or piece of decoration in a bookshelf alongside with your favorite books and your brass knuckles.

Bullet Flash Drive

What I mean is that his cool design overwhelms the fact that he is a flash drive, just like the Leopard Flash Drive, which is very cool in my opinion. As you can see at the image above, the Bullet Flash Drive is available in two styles, silver and golden, also, you can choose between many flash memory sizes.

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