R2-Q5 USB Hub

R2-Q5 USB Hub

The R2-Q5 USB Hub!

Check it out the R2-Q5 USB Hub, another great addition to our gizmos and gadgets database. Nowadays a USB hub is not just for its main purpose, due to the great variety of products we see out there, we can say that they also serve as decorative pieces and also items for collectors, and this particular Star Wars gizmo fits very well in these factors.

As you can see in the images the R2-Q5 USB Hub, despite its size is rich in details which makes it a very attractive piece. He also has several features, which turns it, as was already mentioned in the previous paragraph a product with several utilities that can please not only those who plan to use it only as a USB hub, take a close look at the image below.

R2-Q5 USB Hub

Among the R2-Q5 USB Hub features are the spinning head, various sound effects and also some flash lights, which ones are very cool. Watch the video below for a short sight of these features and for a proof that they really are interesting, not only Star Wars fans will love it.

R2-Q5 USB Hub Preview:


The R2-Q5 USB Hub is a cool geeky device and you will probably agree with me about it, any technology addict will love it as it is a little robot with several very nice features and a futuristic style.

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