Skull USB Hub

Skull USB Hub

Give a creepy touch to your desk!

As I had mentioned in other posts, there are products with USB connectors on anything imaginable, but still we were surprised when we see something different. This Skull USB Hub is one of those products that impress us with the creativity of its creators.

Maybe he’s too creepy, but it is still a cool and geeky gadget and certainly worth insert it in our geeky database. Not only people who like macabre things will love the Skull USB Hub but also geeks in general who love technology, because after all, is a USB Hub and so it can be quite useful.

 And is not only that, as you can see in the images the USB Skull Hub besides giving a creepy touch to your desktop, will serve as a holder or organizer for whatever you want, maybe some jelly beans or figurines of Hello Kitty, you pick.

Skull USB Hub

Whatever the use of this macabre hub, as a simple piece of decoration alongside Shakespeare books, or exactly for what it was made, as a hub, the Skull USB Hub is an interesting piece and deserves admiration for that.



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