USB Aquarium

USB Aquarium

Give a touch of elegance to your desk with the USB Aquarium!

You have been thinking that your desktop table is a bit empty, that something looks like missing? Well, check out this neat USB Aquarium which can solve your problem and in addition turn any environment into a very elegant one.

A very interesting piece is what it is, who could imagine that one day there might be something like this, an aquarium that works with USB power, really impressive. If you look closely you will also notice that this USB gadget has a beautiful look which adds a lot.

With the USB Aquarium is included an organizer which comes with a fake plant to decorate it, an LCD clock with a lot of functions like alarm, date, temperature… LED lights with color changing feature, which is awesome, and still it plays sounds of nature, which is more awesome, and all that to give your desk a fancy touch.

USB Aquarium

After all these specifications, you may be thinking how marvelous it is and that it’s a fake piece only for decoration, of course not, the USB Aquarium is a fully functional aquarium that only needs USB power to work nicely.



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