Virtual Mouse

Virtual Mouse

Control the cursor with the edge of your fingers!

More and more nowadays we see our daily processes becoming automated and easier as the technology advances and new inventions appears at our doors, and this Virtual Mouse is one of these things that makes our lives more practical.

Just like the Laser Projection Virtual Keyboard, this geeky gadget turns any flat surface into a touchpad, allowing you to control the cursor with the edge of your fingers, it’s really impressive! And you don’t control only the cursor, actually there is a lot of commands that the Virtual Mouse responds according to your hand motions like right-click, zoom in and out, drag and scroll, in other words, all the movements which a normal mouse does.

Virtual Mouse

All of these features would impress any tech addict, but, the only thing that let him behind is that he connects via USB, what I mean is that a Bluetooth connection would be much more suitable for such a high-tech gadget. But this is only a detail that is not so relevant in comparison to such a cool gizmo. The Virtual Mouse is definitely a great addition to our gizmos and gadgets ranks and I’m certain that any geek would be amazed at this stuff.



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