Best Gadgets for Long Distance Relationships

There are various reasons behind long distance relationship with your bride. Your romance could have started online and you both are not ready yet to drastically change your life and move in together, as one of you must leave his or her homeland behind and move to another country. So, you continue taking trips to each other from time to time, before you feel that's the right moment to change your life.

Another possible reason for long distance relationship is one of you is getting a promotion, which requires working in another country for a few months a year. If your life has been already settled, and you have children, it is quite obvious that one of you has to stay with the kids, so there is no way that both of you would live half a year here and half a year there.

Those two reasons are only the peak of the iceberg of myriads of reasons of why people end up in long distance relationships. The mere idea of long distance relationship is frustrating to the vast majority of people, as it gives you the feeling that your relationship is going to be tested. But nowadays, there is no reason to be afraid of a long distance relationship, as the internet helps you communicate from every corner of the world. Of course, we are not trying to claim that Skype calls or chatting via Messenger equals your offline communication. But you can't argue that's a nice substitute for it. And we offer you to check out the best gadgets that will help you in a long distance relationship.

Apple Watch

While Apple Watch is something that almost everyone is familiar with, the chances that you don't know everything about this device is quite high. Actually it can make you feel for your partner much closer than you really are. Apple Watch has an adorable function that allows sending your heartbeat to your partner. It may seem kinda useless, but it's a perfect gadget for hopeless romantics in a long distance relationship.


What is the thing we all hate about video chatting? That's right! The light. If the light is wrong it may feel that you are both video chatting with dark screens. ChatLight can be used on anything from tablet to laptop. The tiny light, which lasts for more than 50,000 hours and needs only fifteen minutes to charge, is a perfect add for your video chatting that allows the loved ones see each other clearly.

Kissinger Mobile

You are missing the kisses of your partner? Quite obviously you partner misses your kisses as well. With the Kissinger mobile silicon lips, you can send your kisses to your lover from where ever you are, as it's sensors make it as close as possible to your or your lover's kiss.

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