Laser Projection Virtual Keyboard

Welcome to a revolutionary typing style! Welcome to a revolutionary typing style with the Laser Projection Virtual Keyboard. With this cool gizmo you can get rid of your old wired keyboard (kidding) and behold this high-tech gadget which will make you feel inside a science fiction movie or something like that. This geeky gadget laser project a full keyboard into a flat surface, just like the Virtual Mouse, which in the case put you in … Continue reading

Minecraft Wall Torch

The Minecraft Wall Torch is a great representation of the game! For a logical reason you probably have already seen the Minecraft Wall Torch around, but it was important for we implement this collectible in our gizmos and gadgets database for the simple reason of how awesome it is. Minecraft as you already know, it was the game who launched the Indie Games into an large growth since the enormous success among the gamers all … Continue reading