Laser Projection Virtual Keyboard

Welcome to a revolutionary typing style!

Welcome to a revolutionary typing style with the Laser Projection Virtual Keyboard. With this cool gizmo you can get rid of your old wired keyboard (kidding) and behold this high-tech gadget which will make you feel inside a science fiction movie or something like that.

This geeky gadget laser project a full keyboard into a flat surface, just like the Virtual Mouse, which in the case put you in the control of the cursor, since the virtual keyboard let you type simulating a real keyboard with click sounds that will help you in typing.

The Laser Projection Virtual Keyboard connects via Bluetooth, which is proper for its high technology and is compatible with almost any mobile device, iPad, iPhone, your laptop or tablet, which doesn’t mean you can’t use it with your desktop computer.

The Laser Projection Virtual Keyboard may not be easy to type like a conventional keyboard, may require a little practice to adapt to it until you can use it with proficiency as you don’t feel the keys with your fingers when typing. But, it’s a great step forward in technology and surely some years from now some kind of technology similar to this will replace the common keyboard, you will agree with me that this is awesome and we are on the way to this.

Laser Projection Virtual Keyboard Preview:

Check out the video review above for a full description in details about the Laser Projection Virtual Keyboard and to realize that it’s not that complicated to adapt to it.



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