Binary Watch

The true geek watch!

A geek is a very characteristic type of person who has his own style, who likes to walk around with their own glasses and clothing, if you’re a geek you know what I’m talking about, and why not complement all this elegance with a very interesting watch. Meet the SKMEI Binary Watch, a stylish complement to a stylish geek.

A very nice watch as you can see in the images and I dare say that is the true geek watch because of its high-tech style and of course its binary LED display. Speaking of display the LED gives a nice look, also, it has a comfortable and shiny black metal wrist, which is essential for a watch.

The Binary Watch is waterproof which means it will not be a problem if dropped in the toilet or in a pool of water. Take a closer look at the image below.

As some guys out there said, it’s not complicated to setting up the time and after a while you will get used to its differentiated display. The Binary Watch can be a great complement to the look of a geek as aforementioned in this post and is a great addition to our geeky database.



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