Iron Man 3D Deco Light

Iron Man 3D Light

The super real Iron Man 3D night light.

Although this light be suitable to decorate a kid’s room, it’s hard to believe in that when you take a close look at this very cool piece, as it can impress even an old comic reader fan of the Iron Man.

In addition to its significant size, about 26 cm, the mask appears to be real seeming to be a true Iron Man mask, also, the 3D crack sticker, which is included, gives a very cool effect to the night light.

Take a look at the image above to realize how cool the night light is when turned on, moreover, it looks cool turned on or off. Also, the bulbs don’t heat up and never need to be replaced.

Iron Man 3D Deco Light Preview:

Check out the video above, which shows all these features in detail.



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