Infinite Dungeon Corridor

The beautiful Infinite Dungeon Corridor!

I can not think of anything else when I look at this Infinite Dungeon Corridor than in RPG. After all, beyond the very meaningful name of this geeky gizmo, its appearance brings a lot to this magnificent board game that is a registered trademark of geeks, and this is so for a long time.

But it is not only the board game that comes to mind, but also games, RPG games of course, if you are a gamer you know what I mean, the dungeon RPGs that are abound and are very good, not only by the great genre itself, but by the very characteristic style, gameplay and fun that this kind of game provides to RPG gamers since the old days of classic gaming until nowadays.

As you can see in the beautiful images the Infinite Dungeon Corridor, as the name implies, is an infinite dungeon corridor lit by torches that extend to the infinite, a very interesting and geeky gadget which claims for the curiosity of any kind of person for its creativity and simply because it is what it is.

Infinite Dungeon Corridor Preview:

Perhaps by the images you can not see the beauty that the Infinite Dungeon Corridor have, thereby, check out the video above to understand what I mean, you will probably agree with me, as this cool gizmo is not a simple piece of decoration, but a work of art.



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