Vault 101 Hoodie

The Vault 101 Hoodie!

What a great franchise is Fallout and certainly millions of gamers around the world agree with this statement. The game provides a unique experience in terms of RPG and FPS, a very interesting combination that Bethesda Softworks did very well.

Moreover, this post is not a review of the game, but is about this awesome Vault 101 Hoodie which needs no introduction. It may seem a common hoodie but for those who know and is a fan of the game, it is much more than that, because it represents a classic that lives in the hearts of many gamers around the globe, for a long time. Check out the image below.

If you look right will realize that the Vault 101 Hoodie is rich in detail and it is a quality product so superior as the game itself, after all is an official licensed product, which proves its quality. A really cool gizmo that will not only please gamers but those who like to dress well because it is very cool hoodie, a great geeky gear for a gamer.



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