Death Star Tea Infuser

Death Star Tea Infuser

May the Tea be with you.

The afternoon tea is glorious as a cup of coffee, the British are well known for this tradition, but the tea is also appreciated worldwide, because after all, a tea will always goes well to calm the nerves or simply enjoy it accompanied by a cookie or something like that.

Take a look at the Death Star Tea Infuser, a geeky gadget for the Star Wars franchise fans that besides giving the opportunity to enjoy a good tea, will make you do it with style, in a galactic style to be more specific, a good chance to unite passion with pleasure.

The Sith Lord enjoys chamomile.

As you can verify at the image above even the Sith Lord enjoys this tradition, and for good reason. The Death Star Tea Infuser, which as the name suggests is in the form of the powerful Death Star, therefore, this time it will not destroy an entire planet but help you prepare that special tea, whether you are British or not, what matters is being part of this healthy culture.

Death Star Tea Infuser Preview:

Take a look at the funny video above for the proof of what I’m saying and for a cool preview of the Death Star Tea Infuser.



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