Stormtrooper Lamp

Stormtrooper Lamp

The Stormtrooper Lamp!

If you already have visited Gizmos and Gadgets then you know that we love lamps, especially lamps of this type, which glow and have such a cool look that not seem what they really are. Check out the Stormtrooper Lamp, another great addition to our collection of cool and geeky lamps and also because it is a very nice Star Wars franchise item.

The Stormtrooper Lamp follows the line of the Darth Vader Lamp, which you find a post about it here on our website. In addition to its beautiful look and besides the originality and wealth of details, this Star Wars gadget has a very interesting feature, which in my humble opinion is what makes this product so cool and what makes it different from an common lamp.

I refer to the glowing LED effect which the Stormtrooper Lamp makes when turned on, which is awesome, may not be as significant as the lamp of the Sith Lord but for sure is a very cool effect, and I would even say otherwise, because it is a blue and clear light, and the blue light represents the spirituality, the serenity, the sky, and all those things that bring us peace.



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