Classic Arcade Wristwatch

The Classic Arcade Wristwatch!

If you are looking for a cool watch, you can stop right now because you have already found, check out the Classic Arcade Wristwatch. A geeky gadget so amazing that words fail to describe it, for good reason, a wristwatch in the shape of a classic arcade machine, well, that’s a cool thing.

And as you noticed in the animation above, the Classic Arcade Wristwatch is not based on any game but in the classic Asteroids, which makes it even cooler, if that’s possible. So, in addition of a mini arcade on your wrist, we are talking about a classic game, if you’ve played it on the machines, it means that you are no longer a child, for a long time.

Don’t get me wrong, because it’s nice, it means that you have great memories of that time, and that certainly is very proud of it, therefore, this little gizmo makes you remember. But after all what the Classic Arcade Wristwatch has besides being in the shape of a machine and all that stuff?

Well, in addition to its incredible design and its wealth of detail, the Classic Arcade Wristwatch has no pointers, they are represented by space rocks and the spaceship takes the place of seconds hand, that’s all cool but there’s one thing you need to know about this watch.

He has a very serious problem so if you’re interested and want to buy it you have to pay attention to this. It has a button, a button that when pressed makes the sound of the Asteroids spaceship shooting, it means that you will not do anything else in life except keep pressing the button endlessly, is extremely addictive, so now you have been warned.

Classic Arcade Wristwatch Preview:

Make sure to check out the video above for a close look at the Classic Arcade Wristwatch and for a cool preview of the extreme addictive button.



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