Arcade Cabinet for iPad

Remember the arcade golden age with the Arcade Cabinet for iPad!

Check out the ION iCade, the Arcade Cabinet for iPad which will grant you the chance of reviving the golden age of arcade video games with classics such as Pac-Man, Asteroids, Space Invaders or whatever the game you would like.

Surely you can play these classics with your iPad but with this geeky gadget you can experience them in an original way, the retro gamers which has a lot of good memories of the 70’s or 80’s even the 90’s know what it means.

It connects via Bluetooth technology and has the design of a classic arcade machine with the joystick, buttons and all the details as you can see at the images, which means that the cabinet can give you an authentic arcade gaming experience with your mobile device.

The Arcade Cabinet for iPad although in a smaller size than the original machine, it will take the hit, I mean, the ones who already played in an arcade knows how much it can take, punches, kicks and the aggressiveness of some mad players… thinking well, I don’t know. Anyway this geeky gadget is definitely an awesome stuff!



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