Retrogaming Classics Super Gif

Childhood in 14 seconds.

Check out this amazing Gif from that can certainly arouse great childhood memories and a bit of, let’s say… NEStalgia in some gamers out there.

From Super Mario Bros. to Legend of Zelda is what we have here, the author of this post confess that didn’t play Kirby’s Dream Land or Pokemon, but apparently they are great games too.

Super Mario Bros. (1985) – Nintendo NES

Metroid (1986) – Nintendo NES

Kirby’s Dream Land (1992) – Nintendo Game Boy

Pokemon – Blue Version (1998) – Nintendo Game Boy

Legend of Zelda (1987) – Nintendo NES

It’s not over yet, take a look at this very cool website, there you will be able to play some of these great games online and a bunch of others in a super easy way.


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