LED Bluetooth Speaker

A great sound and fun at the same time!

Who does not like cool stuff, right? And this LED Bluetooth Speaker is definitely a cool stuff, some of those simple things that in addition to provide you a really good time will still give a fancy touch to your desktop and please music lovers.

A great sound and fun at the same time, that’s what this gizmo promises, no doubt of that, you simply have to take a closer look at the images and at the animation, furthermore at the video, to realize that he can indeed accomplish this.

This LED Bluetooth Speaker as the name says it will not have a wire to disturb you and its sound quality really stands out. In addition, the LED effect is fantastic and no doubt is the most impressive thing about this device, making it a differentiated product that can catch the attention of everyone.

As you can see in the image above, all variations of the LED Bluetooth Speaker while it works, really cool. The animation you’ve seen shows only some of them so it’s important to note this detail, are 36 variations of colors and very cool effects.

LED Bluetooth Speaker Preview:

Take a look at this impressive video which shows the LED Bluetooth Speaker in action.

From ThinkGeek.com


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