Elements Glowing Coasters

Drinking Whisky can now get even more interesting!

Meet the Elements Glowing Coasters, an interesting gizmo that can turn that beloved drink at a party or even at home into something even better. Who would have thought coasters could be something so cool, but look at these, they are really impressive.

Elements from the periodic table which glow in contact with everything not only cups, as you can see in the image below, a little touch and they glow in a dazzling effect, especially in the dark, of course. How cool would that be at a party?

Even if the Elements Glowing Coasters were not elements, still would be really cool, actually they could be from anything as numbers, words or images, whatever, the most impressive thing about it is the show they give off and there is no doubt of that.

Elements Glowing Coasters Preview:

Radium, plutonium, uranium, and thorium are the elements represented by this very cool gizmo and you can find them at ThinkGeek.com for a bargain compared to his awesomeness. Make sure to check out the video.

From ThinkGeek.com


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