Horse Head Mask

Get yourself an apple because you will turn a horse!

It may seem a weird question but have you ever dreamed of becoming a horse? If the answer is yes, then this is your chance to fulfill your dream. So get ready because now you can do this with the fancy Horse Head Mask.

It is made of latex and as you’ve probably noticed the Horse Head Mask is rich in details making it a great addition for a Halloween costume or as a formal dress for work or something like that, in case you work in a crazy place, which exists a lot, anyway.

Also, it can be used for a party, of course, most of them Halloween parties or just a costume party, no need to be said that the Horse Head Mask is very funny and will draw a lot of attention and give you a great time with your buddies.

If you have any doubt of what I’m saying just take a look at the images, with a bit of creativeness you can become not only a lame horse, but a thoroughbred one with all the spoils of that. And for another crazy mask like this one, check out the post we have made about the Zombie Horse Mask, the undead version of this one, in case you wanna play like one of the four horses of the apocalypse or something like that.



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