Zombie Horse Mask

The creepy Zombie Horse Mask!

You probably already know the Horse Mask, now you will meet his undead version, the Zombie Horse Mask, which is such a cool stuff as its original version. The Halloween is close and you’re looking for some nice costume? Well, here is your chance to complement it, in case you’re thinking in playing like a zombie horse or something like that.

There’s no need to say that the Zombie Horse Mask is perfect for a prank, to go around scaring people on the streets, yes, and maybe you know some guy who is afraid of horses for some reason, it is possible nowadays, what will be of his toughness when you meet him wearing one of these, anyway.

The Zombie Horse Mask is made of latex, glows in the dark, which is proper for some scares at night and some parties, most of them Halloween parties, of course. As you can see in the image above, it is rich in detail, and the hanging eye gives a very nice touch.

Therefore, this zombie gadget is definitely a very cool and interesting stuff that certainly will arouse the interest of the zombie culture lovers. If you like the animal zombie thing, check out the zombie dog, which can turn your best friend into a zombie, very curious.

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