Zombie Survival Kit

Be ready for the Zombie Apocalypse!

Be prepared for the worst, or the best as some geeks think, with this cool Zombie Survival Kit from Gerber. Of course that I’m talking about the Zombie Apocalypse and this kit can help you survive in case of the Umbrella Corporation become real thing and it is too late.

With so many diseases and viruses spreading over the world nowadays, we can’t say that this is impossible to happen, after all, we are all connected. Or maybe you only like to collect related zombie stuff like this, anyway, if this is your case and still is interested in this kit continue reading the post because now I will tell you what is included in it.

If you already watched The Walking Dead you will recognize it as it appears at the second season, Daryl and Rick kill a few zombies with some of these tools.

The Zombie Survival Kit include seven survival tools: a machete, a camp axe, a pro machete, a parang machete, an infantry knife, a folder knife and an epic knife, along with a durable canvas carrying case for secure transport, take a closer look at these survival tools in the image above. If you are interested, you can find it on Amazon.com.

From Amazon.com


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