The Three Wise Zombies

“See no dead, hear no dead, speak no dead”.

You love zombies but also know enjoy a beautiful work of art? Then check out The Three Wise Zombies, the undead version of The Three Wise Monkeys which is definitely a work of art plus creativeness that certainly can please the zombie culture fans all around.

For the ones who doesn’t know this Japanese proverb click here to check out it at the Wikipedia page, then you will understand what The Three Wise Zombies mean and why this piece of decoration is so amazing.

They’re made of resin and can fit very well in your bookshelf along with your favorite books. You can also put them aside of your TV when watching The Walking Dead series or a horror movie, great is not?

Anyway, there’s no zombie lover that will not like this piece, I mean, it’s very cool and if you liked check out the special section of Gizmos and Gadgets about zombie gadgets.



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