Pig USB Hub

Pig USB Hub

The cutest USB hub?

Check out the sweet Pig USB Hub from Office Chums, if you’re soft-hearted you will not resist its cuteness, and I dare to say that it is the cutest USB hub which you can find on the surroundings and you only need to take a close look at mother pig and her cubs to be convinced of this.

It’s not only in cuteness that the Pig USB Hub stands out, but also in richness of details, which makes this geeky gadget not only usable for its primary purpose, as a USB hub, but also as a beautiful piece of decoration to be displayed on a shelf or even in a desk of an office, and there is more.


As you can verify in the image above the mother pig has 3 ports and their cubs not only serve for decoration, in fact, they are retractable TF card readers and are all include in the package, in addition, they can also be used as a cool keychain, the detail in their tails allow it.

Pig USB Hub Preview:

If you still have any doubt that the Pig USB Hub is the cutest, or in relation to its features, watch the video review above from The Review Spot that shows everything you need to know about it.

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