Zombie Eye Paperweight

Show your fellas your zombie pride!

The zombies are invading the offices and you can be part of it with this interesting Zombie Eye Paperweight. Show your co-workers the pride you have over the undead culture while adding a creepy touch to your desk.

With the The Walking Dead series, the zombie culture has spread around the world and it is normal nowadays we see common people, not that geek one, enjoying and even buying zombie stuff. If you fit this you must admit how cool the Zombie Eye Paperweight is as it’s a simple but great representation of this growing culture.

The Zombie Eye Paperweight is made of glass and as you can see in the image below, this zombie gadget has a cool appearance, despite being an eye. Undoubtedly, something you do not see often, mainly in offices.

There is not much to say about it, because for an obvious reason you already know what it is for, besides, the most impressive thing about this geeky gadget is the creativity of his creators and if you look closely you’ll notice that not is a poor quality product. Therefore,  a zombie culture lover will find it awesome.

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