Robot Flash Drive

The robot which dance Macarena?

Check out this very cool Robot Flash Drive, another great addition to our geeky gadgets database! Just like the Robot USB Hub, which you can check out by clicking here, this futuristic gadget will please any robotic addict and geeky dude.

A robot that would be able to dance the Macarena surely would impress everyone, but I’m sorry for this, actually he doesn’t dance it as he is just a flash drive, really is a shame because that would be awesome, but we can live with that.

As you can see at the image below, when you detach the head of the Robot Flash Drive for use their arms will keep holding it making it impossible for loss, a clever idea of his creators plus give it a touch of coolness, also I can say that it has a lot of style there.

The Robot Flash Drive will not only keep your files secure but will serve as a cool keychain making it easy to carry it around, in addition, he is rich in design as he is covered in a shiny metal that really gives it a really nice touch, fancy!



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