Grenade Flash Drive

Technology and manliness together in this very cool Grenade Flash Drive!

If you are a badass geek then you will love the Grenade Flash Drive! Just like the Bullet Flash Drive, which you can check out the post we have made about it by clicking here, this geeky gadget combines technology and manliness in an interesting way.

You may be wondering what a grenade has in common with a geek, well, geek can be described as a person who likes very much of some kind of stuff which can be anything, it’s not a great description of what a geek is but it is more or less that. Therefore, anyone who identifies with this, can be considered a geek, even a badass guy.

Take a closer look at the images to see how much the Grenade Flash Drive is cool and has style, no need to say that it can fit nicely next to your dog tags, if you have any, thereby, can serve as a very cool keychain. I can also say that the Grenade Flash Drive has a great design, of course, is a grenade and in addition can be quite useful as it is a flash drive.

There is a lot of USB related products out there, about anything you can imagine and here at Gizmos and Gadgets we make a careful selection of these products to give you the coolest ones, and this Grenade Flash Drive fits this criteria perfectly.



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