Flip Down Clock

Well, that’s a cool clock!

For logical reasons, clocks are used to keep track of time, of course, that’s why they were created and few people use it as a decoration piece because clocks for decoration, like the cuckoo, despite its overall quality, are expensive.

But now this is past, with technology and so many inventions coming up, we see a great variety and types of clocks which has a great look and at the same time are affordable. This Flip Down Clock is one of those, a really cool clock that will not only keep you in track of time but will give a touch of elegance for your place and better yet, for a bargain price.

It has a retro look but is pure technology, gear operated with a single battery and a great design makes the Flip Down Clock a stylish piece. It will serve not only to decorate your house but your work place, as I said, his design is great and certainly would fit very well at the shelf of your office or at the bookshelf of your home along with engineering books.

From Amazon.com


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