Melting Clock

The Melting Clock is not only a clock, it’s a work of art!

Check out this funny and cool Melting Clock that certainly would fit very well in any shelf of a house or office, although it looks like weird and more a decoration piece, the clock really works and is considered a work of art, no doubt it is.

The chrome plated case makes the Melting Clock rich in design, as I said it’s a work of art, and another impressive thing about it is the optical illusion that occurs when the clock is working, this detail is very interesting and can arouse the curiosity of any spectator and also can be a source of great discussions about it.

Take a look at the image above to see how elegantly he is as a decoration piece, after all this I still can say that the Melting Clock is cool as much is affordable as his price is a cheap bargain considering the creativeness of his creators, check it out by clicking below.



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