Roomba Vacuum Cleaner

Get rid of ashes in Pinkman style!

If you already watched the Breaking Bad series you will understand the heading above, if not, sorry for the spoiler, anyway the Roomba Vacuum Cleaner from iRobot will clean out not only ashes but any mess at the floor of your beloved house.

One of the most impressive features of the Roomba Vacuum Cleaner is that he can be scheduled to clean your house even when you’re not at home, this will save you a lot of time, which is awesome! This gadget is one of those things that can help you out at the hard job that is maintain a house clean, if you live alone you know what I mean and how much time you spend to keep the things like that. Check out the image at left.

This robot will eliminate any trail of dust, hair and whatever debris your floor has, of course, you still will have to do the tough job but there’s no need to say how handy this gadget can be. Check out the post we have made about the USB Vacuum, as the name says, it’s a USB powered vacuum cleaner which is as handy as this one.

Roomba Vacuum Cleaner Preview:

Make sure to check out the video above to see the Roomba Vaccum Cleaner in action.



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