Monday Mug

Monday Mug

The Monday Mug can turn a bad day into a good day!

To have a good and productive week you need start it well, we all know that this is a fact and the importance of begin a day with good mood and how it affects the performance at work. The Monday Mug can help you out on this task, you only need to fulfill it with hot coffee and the magic happens, exactly as you see at the image below.

Actually, this happy face mug doesn’t works only with coffee, any hot liquid can do the job and make the magic happen, I say magical because it is really what it seems, a simple trick that can turn a bad day into a good day, just like the Tetris Mug, read the post we have made about it, another very cool heat change mug.

Monday Mug

The smile is a figure that represents the happiness and there is not another image more appropriate than this one to be inserted in the Monday Mug to raise your mood, make you feel good and to ensure that you have a good day ahead.



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