Razer Naga Epic Gaming Mouse

As the name says, it’s epic!

There’s no need to say that the Razer Naga Epic Gaming Mouse is an elite gaming gear as you only need to look at him to realize that. The gamer knows the importance of an high-quality gear for a good performance and to have a good time, things like this can help him to go deep in the experience.

It has 17 buttons, which is awesome by the way, and can be very handy as some commands which you usually do with a keyboard can be bypassed with this feature using your thumb. He has 3 interchangeable panels, take a look at the image, providing the gamer an ergonomic fit, you can test each one to see which best applies to your hand. Also, you can choose between the wireless or conventional style, and wired mode which recharges the mouse when connected.

All this is great, but maybe you’re wondering: why would I want such a thing with so many buttons and all that stuff? Well, here is the answer: as the name says, it’s epic! It may look like funny, maybe stupid, but is what we geeks do, we go deep in our passions and if you’re a gamer geek (like me) certainly you are amazed at the Razer Naga Epic Gaming Mouse and agrees with me that it’s awesome!

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