Ctrl-Alt-Del Cups

The true geek cups!

It may not look like, but those things that you saw in the featured image are cups! That’s it, Ctrl-Alt-Del Cups! We saw the true geek glasses, the true geek watch and now we have this elegant gadget which is a very nice complement to our geeky gadgets.

You can have these helpful keys in your house and have fun at coffee break, or at tea time if you’re British, anyway it’s very cool. The shaped design of keyboard keys is a very smart idea, and it’s not only that, this set can be a great addition to a kitchen or living room only as a piece of decoration as they’re very elegant and you only need to take a look at the image below for a proof of this.

Whatever be the use for them, for fun at home, as a decoration piece in your kitchen, as a gift for that geek friend you may have, or only to show them to your buddies in a dinner, the Ctrl-Alt-Del Cups are simply the true geek cups, and deserve admiration for it.

From ThinkGeek.com


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