Darth Vader Full Mask

The Darth Vader Full Mask is not a costume, it’s a collectible!

Imagine yourself wearing one of these stylish masks, listening to the Imperial March and at the same time swinging your lightsaber, how awesome this is? Pretty awesome I say!

The Darth Vader Full Mask from Rubie’s Costume is made of plastic, has a lot of details and is very authentic as you can see on the images, it comes in two pieces and is an official licensed product which ensures it’s quality. As a lot of people said, the mask fits very well in adults, it has indeed, a good quality and is really worth acquiring one. It’s perfect for a costume party, to work as you can see at left and of course Halloween.

Concluding, this is not an ordinary mask, it’s a full mask and considering the cost-benefit this is the best Darth Vader mask you can find around, which means that the product from Rubie’s is a cheap bargain considering it’s quality. So, if you are a Star Wars fan this fancy gadget can be a really cool addition to your collection. Also, check out the post we have made about the Darth Vader USB Hub, which is such a cool stuff as this one.

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