Darth Vader USB Hub

Check out this awesome Darth Vader USB Hub!

Not only Star Wars fans will love this Darth Vader USB Hub, but anyone that likes cool stuff, as this Star Wars gadget definitely is a cool stuff, and as you can see it is fully dedicated and in the shape of Darth Vader’s helmet, who would have thought that might exist something like this.

If the Sith Lord saw one of those for sure he would be impressed, most impressed, as there are a lot of USB hubs around, of many types and styles, but this one stands out and you only need to put your eyes on it to realize that, we could say that only by considering its incredible design and look.

All this is great but the most amazing thing about this geeky gadget certainly is the Darth Vader breath sound that it does when you plug something in the hub. This is amazing and will make you plug and unplug stuff in the Darth Vader USB Hub endlessly just to hear the breath.

Impressive. Most impressive.

Anyway, if you’re not impressed with this awesome Darth Vader USB Hub, maybe you’re not a Star Wars fan, or maybe you don’t sympathize with the Sith Lord, but you know that there are people who would go mad for it, with no doubt. And for another Sith thing that certainly will blow your mind check out the Darth Vader Full Mask, read the post we have made about it.

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