The Force Glove

The Force is strong with this one.

We all know the power of a lightsaber, but we also know the power of the Force. And now you can have it or at least have an idea of its secrets without passing through a very hard training, how you ask me? With The Force Glove.

Which one is the most powerful, the Dark side or the Light side of the Force? Well, I guess it depends on its aspects and about the true being of the one who tries to control it, whatever the side you choose, what really matter is who you really are. After all that, I must start explaining to you fellow geek, what is The Force Glove and how it works, in case you don’t have heard about it before. Take a look at the guy below.

It is all about science and magnets, The Force Glove has two super strong magnets which allow the wearer to pull or push metal objects in a fair distance, let’s say some meters. Actually, the reach of the glove is very interesting and for understanding it you can watch the video below for a demonstration of the Force in action.

The Force Glove Preview:

Therefore, whichever side you like best, The Force Glove can be a great addition to your arsenal and can help you on your task of conquering the galaxy or defending it. If you’re more of the Sith thing, maybe you will like the Darth Vader Mask, make sure to check out the post we have made about it.



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