Pac-Man Ghost Lamp

You can have your own ghost in your room!

Take a look at the Pac-Man Ghost Lamp, as scary as it is ghosts exist and are among us, you can be accompanied right now as you read this post, take a look at your side, but preferably they love visit us at night while we are sleeping at our room, cool huh? You may not believe it, much less find it scary, by contrast, maybe you love friendly ghosts.

So if that is the case I have good news for you, now you can have your own ghost in your room, or wherever you want. And it is no ordinary ghost, is from the classic arcade game that you loved to play on the machines as a kid (if you’re of that time).

All kidding aside this Pac-Man Ghost Lamp is nothing scary, it is awesome, and a great representation of the classic arcade game which everyone knows and has played. Will not only please those old guys who played on machines (kidding), but also the children of today who also has a great time with the game.

Pac-Man Ghost Lamp Preview:

As you can see above, it changes color, that’s right, it is the same geeky gadget that turns in 16 different colors referencing all kinds of ghosts in the game, you can do that manually with a remote-control, the Pac-Man Ghost Lamp is simply awesome!



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