Zombie Pencil Holder

Let our zombie friend hold your pencil!

You’re a busy dude and is always running out of time, then you arrive at work and realize you’re late for a business meeting, that’s bad, you take a look at your schedule and there’s nothing there, of course, you did not take note because you lost your pencil and have no idea where.

If you only have the Zombie Pencil Holder with you this would have never happened, and now comes the good news, because you’re in time to prepare yourself for such an awful thing. Check out this stylish desk accessory, which will grant you never commit such a mistake again.

All kidding apart the Zombie Pencil Holder is a perfect stuff for the kind of guy who works in an office, a lawyer, or something like that, and at the same time loves the zombie culture. This zombie gadget can join these two loves and at the same time give a creepy touch to a desk, besides being useful.

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