Tactical Chef Apron

Behold the tactical forces of the cook!

Cooking is an art and we know, and that’s why we have to say that the Tactical Chef Apron is only allowed to be used by the best specialists in cooking, and only the most skillful and experienced chefs are able for this task. This apron can hold everything the master chef needs to ensure his safety to achieve his professional performance.

You have to admit how cool this apron is, it can be your ally in the weekend BBQ or at the family dinner in the Sunday, whatever the task, with the Tactical Chef Apron from ThinkGeek.com you will be ready for work, take a look at the image below for a proof of what I’m saying.

The Tactical Chef Apron is made of cotton and have all the slots that the chef needs, including 5 pouches, and why would you need more than this? Therefore, if all that was said applies to you master chief, make sure to acquire it as soon as you can because the Tactical Chef Apron for a cook it is the same as a bulletproof vest for a cop.

Tactical Chef Apron Preview:

Take a look at the video above for a funny preview of the Tactical Chef Apron and to verify what a well trained and equipped master chef is able to do.

From ThinkGeek.com


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