Star Trek TNG Pajama Set

Nap like a Trekkie!

Sleep is a naturally recurring state characterized by altered consciousness, in other words is essential for the proper functioning of the organism, after all you spend 1/3 of your life sleeping, and how about improve this process so important for our body and soul?

Check out the Star Trek TNG Pajama Set, a geeky stuff that will not only please the Trekkies, but all geeks in general because it is not only a simple pajama as you may have noticed.

Are uniform versions of Star Trek: The Next Generation, if you are a fan of the famous franchise you already realized that, of course. Cotton made, these pajamas has several characteristics of the original jumpsuit, as the communicator badge and rank pips.

Definitely this Star Trek TNG Pajama Set is pretty cool and as already mentioned in this post will please not only fans of the franchise, but anyone who likes cool stuff. You know what would look good with these pajamas? The Star Trek Pizza Cutter, that’s right, one pizza cutter in Trekkie style, read our post about it.



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