ComRad Gaming Helmet

Go deep in war games with the ComRad Gaming Helmet!

Nowadays the soundtrack and audio features are such important in games as in movies and as time passes they are getting with more quality, said this, meet the Hyperkin ComRad Gaming Helmet, which will allow you to go deep in war games and enjoy it with full sound experience.

With so many FPS and war games being launched all the time, they’re becoming more and more competitive and hard to play and this gaming gadget can be a great inspiration to overcome your “adversaries”, you only need to look at him to realize this. What I mean is whatever the shooter, with the ComRad gaming helmet no headshot will stop you, after all, it’s a helmet. Check out below to realize how cool it is.

It’s not only in quality that the ComRad Gaming Helmet stands out, but in design as you can see on the images, his camouflage style is not like any other headset which you can find out there, in addition he has a wireless connectivity which is very handy, no wire to disturb you as you game, also his microphone is detachable.



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