Star Trek Pizza Cutter

Star Trek Pizza Cutter

Cut a pizza like a Trekkie! You never thought this day would come, cutting a pizza with a classic in the hands, well, here it is, the Star Trek Pizza Cutter will let you revive the great Star Trek franchise as you delight yourself savoring a pepperoni (or double cheese, you choose) pizza, and of course, this piece means a lot more than that for all the Trekkies out there. Enjoy the small things said … Continue reading

Darth Vader USB Hub

Check out this awesome Darth Vader USB Hub! Not only Star Wars fans will love this Darth Vader USB Hub, but anyone that likes cool stuff, as this Star Wars gadget definitely is a cool stuff, and as you can see it is fully dedicated and in the shape of Darth Vader’s helmet, who would have thought that might exist something like this. If the Sith Lord saw one of those for sure he would be impressed, most … Continue reading

Nintendo Backpack

Hang out in old school style with this awesome Nintendo Backpack! Check out this Nintendo Backpack, just like the Classic Console Controllers, it’s a great representation of a classic of the console and certainly would please not only young gamers that like cool stuff, but any guy who lived that time as it will remind him of fascinating hours playing simple and pixelated graphic games. As you can see in the images the Nintendo Backpack … Continue reading

Game Over Backpack

Game Over for your torn backpack! Throw out your old fashioned and full of holes bag that you may have and hang out in old school style with this very cool Game Over Backpack from Sprayground! It may look like made for children with his gamepad look, indeed, a kid would have a lot of fun with it, but a grown gamer probably will love have one of these too, as it will remind him of … Continue reading

Tetris Lamp

Play Tetris for real with the Tetris Lamp! How would implement one of the most famous games of the gaming history in real life? Well, now you can experience it with this incredible Tetris Lamp! This is very interesting and after all, a bit of Tetris always goes well on a daily basis. It comes in seven pieces which can be combined as you would like, and that’s when the magic happens and what makes the … Continue reading

Iron Man Mouse

It’s not a mask, it’s a mouse! At first glance, you may find that this geeky gadget is a mask but if you look right will realize that this is a mouse, and not a simple one by the way, the Iron Man Mouse! A really cool gizmo which can please the Avengers fans or simply the Iron Man fans, just like this super-hero headset, which you find a post about it here in Gizmos … Continue reading

Binary Watch

The true geek watch! A geek is a very characteristic type of person who has his own style, who likes to walk around with their own glasses and clothing, if you’re a geek you know what I’m talking about, and why not complement all this elegance with a very interesting watch. Meet the SKMEI Binary Watch, a stylish complement to a stylish geek. A very nice watch as you can see in the images and … Continue reading

The Yoda Backpack

Carry the noble master Yoda with you! Check out this fancy Yoda Backpack which will make you feel safe when you hang out as the noble master will be with you and in addition will take care of your geeky stuff. Therefore, it is a perfect second step if you are planning on becoming a Jedi, get a master to train you. I say the second because the first is to get a lightsaber. As you … Continue reading

Pixelated Glasses

The Pixelated Glasses is the true geek glasses! Check out these stylish Pixelated Glasses, I could say that these is the true geek glasses that will speak by itself when you hang out with style. Every geek should wear one of those as it will represent its personality and show to everybody who he is. The Pixelated Glasses is not only fancy, it’s an high-quality product as it has 100% protection against harmful UVA/UVB rays, … Continue reading

Minecraft Creeper Backpack

The Minecraft Creeper Backpack is a cool backpack! That’s a cool backpack, not only because the Minecraft Creeper Backpack is a related product of the greatest Indie Game out there, but for his design and awesomeness. You only need to be careful when you hang out wearing one of these as he can blow you out, but that’s not a problem for a fan of the classic green monster of Minecraft. All kidding apart the … Continue reading